green woodpecker

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woodpecker of Europe and western Asia

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The yaffle is unmistakeable, sounding like a high-pitched mocking laugh.
Bagpuss spinning the decks at a Camden club, while Professor Yaffle raps along to the hardcore beat?
In addition, Yaffle provides a portal on over 400 experts in a range of fields.
37 WHO did Emily, Gabriel, Madeleine, the mice and Professor Yaffle help?
Career: He developed a comedy act as "operatic tenor and sausage knotter" Professor Yaffle Chuckabutty while working in clubs in the early 1950s.
Malcolm Rifkind, the former foreign secretary, has thrown his hat into the ring, but looks a bit too much Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss to be taken seriously.
There is also the black-headed gull (twenty-five plus), once known as a coddymoddy, in Suffolk and a Scoulton pewit in Norfolk, and the green woodpecker (twenty-five plus), or rain-bird, yaffle, and wood-awl.
Professor Yaffle and Fergie both needed time to establish their clubs as number one - Mourinho has none.
The cacophony of La Trobe's fragmented ending and of Woolf's novel as a whole is reflected in the rhyming of abrupt, corrupt, and disrupt; of plain, same, and game; of pry and spry, make and break; of cackle, rattle, and yaffle.
DOUGH DIVIDERS - OVERHAUL & RECONDITIONING Yaffle Engineering Ltd, Yaffle Works, Ford Road, Wiveliscombe, Somerset TA4 2RF.
Ken got his first professional gig at 27, as Professor Yaffle Chucklebutty, Operatic Tenor and Sausage Knotter.
The original Bagpuss is now kept in the Heritage Museum in Emily's home town of Canterbury, Kent, along with the other toys from the series, - Madeleine the ragdoll, Gabriel the toad, pompous professor Yaffle and the mice.
Children and adults alike were enchanted to see this television favourite come to life along with his friends Professor Yaffle, Madeleine and the Mice.
Notably, she also co-wrote and published with some established male academics and authors a collection titled A Yaffle of Yarns (1985).