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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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Contract notice: Solid-state pulsed nd yag laser for the project cente
Loeffler said that just as they have standardized on 4-kW YAG lasers, they have also standardized on using laser heads that employ integrated fixturing (the fixturing types include: wheel, double wheel, splitter wheel, and single and double fingers).
Schlather from Rofin-Baasel sums up the choice of YAG laser types: "If scheduled maintenance every 600 to 800 hr is acceptable to you, the lamp-pumped systems yield the highest throughput for the least amount of investment.
After having bottomed in fiscal 2002, however, the economy of electronics industry, a major user segment for YAG laser machines, started to recover in fiscal 2003 or so, increasing the demand for laser machines for micro-machining of semi-conductor and electronic parts, such as marking, cutting, drilling, spot welding, repairing, trimming and so forth.
2% Brimonidine are equally effective in controlling the IOP spike after Nd: YAG laser capsulotomy.
Conclusion: Use of prophylactic topical antiglaucoma medications before doing Nd: YAG laser capsulotomy is a effective way to reduce post laser spike of intraocular pressure.
Conclusion: Present study provide substantial evidence in favour of brimonidine for prevention of rise in IOP after Nd: YAG laser posterior capsulotomy.
Eberlein A, Schepler H, Spilker G, Altmeyer P, Hartmann B (2005) Erbium: YAG laser treatment of post-burn scars: potentials and limitations.
Delay in YAG laser by 6 months after cataract surgery will reduce the rate of CME.
tHeRmAL effects And moRPHoLoGicAL AsPects of vARyinG eR yAG LAseR eneRGy on demineRALized dentin RemovAL: An in vitRo study.
It included 30 eyes of 30 patients with subhyaloid hemorrhage due to different causes which underwent Nd: Yag laser sublyaloidotomy
The objectives of this study were to determine the frequency of involved age groups, duration and type of posterior capsular opacification, improvement in vision and complications of posterior capsulotomy with ND: YAG Laser.