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prepared to accurately process date and time data between and into the 20th and 21st centuries

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She cites an AHCA survey of assisted living and nursing facilities, conducted in April, in which 98 percent of respondents said their billing systems would be Y2K compliant by September; and 73 percent said the same for their biomedical equipment.
At the first of April, 78 percent of Part A electronic billets such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies were submitting Y2K compliant claims.
Bennett encouraged us those in attendance to contact community leaders, banks, employers, and suppliers to determine whether they are Y2K compliant.
To the extent that an important supplier is not Y2K compliant, alternative (but Y2K compliant) sources must be immediately procured.
If that's the case, both firms' systems would have to be made Y2K compliant.
Associations that prepare multiple-year budgets are probably already being affected if their software is not Y2K compliant.
Because of its early start, Cargill Processed Meats expects to be fully Y2K compliant by the end of this year.
That's why he spent some $40,000 this year for new computers, ensuring his Corona, California-based Campbell Plastics Engineering & Manufacturing would be Y2K compliant.
HOPEFULLY, YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS HEEDED THE DANGERS of the Y2K problem and is now taking the proper steps to become Y2K compliant before January 1.
Martinelli said the department has spent a year ensuring its computer systems are Y2K compliant.
Brokers need to protect themselves from lawsuits by ensuring that transactions they are involved in are Y2K compliant,'' he said.
All the city's computers and software are Y2K compliant.