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the year 2000 in the Gregorian calendar

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Problems brought about by Y2K, Dobson asserted, could also lead "present political leaders" to "refuse to yield power," and he added that the computer bug could even spark "God's judgment -- and that one, obviously, overrides all the rest of them.
The only signs of Y2K were several e-mails the city received from outside senders that were dated 1900, he said, adding, ``But that doesn't affect our computers.
Is the Y2K "peril" reasonably "actual or imminent" to trigger a compensable sue-and-labor expense?
If all Y2K readiness actions--assessment of Y2K risks, correction of problems and testing of systems--go according to plan, then it is possible that there will be no Y2K systems problems for the organization.
gov/y2k[greater than] or call its Y2K hotline, 800-958-4232.
Other Y2K readiness information can be obtained from the Y2K Help Center for Small Business at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, at (800) Y2K-7557 or www.
Authors Peter de Jager and Richard Bergeon are two of the most widely recognized experts on the Y2K problem.
Consider the task facing a medium-sized chemical company, which typically has 8,000 computer programs with 12 million lines of code, according to Dennis Grabow, who has written on the Y2K problem for Chemical Engineering magazine.
This might seem like an obscure technical point, except for two very important reasons: First, lawsuits over Y2K liability are anticipated by many sources to run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.
Operational responsibility for the Medicaid program rests with the states, however federal and state officials have been working jointly to ensure Y2K readiness.
The CSB was created to investigate and prevent accidents, which include those due to the Y2K problem, but the EPA continues to perform inspections and coordinate emergency planning.
In just 18 months, CTA won a myriad of Y2K contracts with commercial clients, such as Cessna Aircraft and Dannon, and local government clients, including Kansas, Michigan, New York Port Authority, and Los Angeles Airport.
The Y2K problem is, in fact, threefold, encompassing business systems, business processes and business strategies.
Rowley, the State Tax Commission's Director of Information Technology Management, discussed the challenges the commission has faced in addressing the Y2K problem.
Among the newer Y2K warnings are the letters being sent by our properties' insurance carriers.