Yersinia pestis

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a bacillus bacterium that causes the plague

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Four groups of four female Swiss-Webster mice were immunized with 40 [micro]g or 20 [micro]g of the YP total extract and the Y.
Because of the severity of his illness and previous reports of misidentification of Y.
Bramanti and her Mainz colleague Stephanie Hansch now cooperated with the University of Munich, the German Bundeswehr, and international scholars to solve the debate as to whether Y.
The same fleas used in this genetic study were used to confirm the presence of Y.
In the early stages of testing the IMB technology, ERRC scientists found that their beads could pick Y.
Thus, a real-time PCR assay based on a unique chromosomal nucleotide sequence found in either Y.
Boeckl, Images of Plague and Pestilence: Iconography and Iconology (2000), who brings evidence from art history to bear on the Y.
In fact, thorough investigations in Uganda indicated that 2 index patients transmitted Y.
Those population movements likely caused the spread of early Y.
The international team of researchers has for the first time been able to decode a circular genome important for explaining the virulence of Y.
The patient, a researcher in a university laboratory, had been working along with other members of the laboratory group with a pigmentation-negative (pgm-) attenuated Y.
Flea infested peridomestic rodents emanating from that pandemic unleashed a strain of surprisingly homogeneous (clonal), highly virulent Y.
The conservation of 165 rRNA gene sequences among bacteria enabled us to design primers FUHP (5'-GTGGACTTAGATACCCTGGTAGTCCAC-3'; underlined sequence indicates additional nucleotides added to create a hairpin structure) and RUP (5'-000TTGCATCGAATTAA-3') to amplify short segments of the 165 rRNA genes of Y.
Using special mass spectrometers, the scientists are studying the proteins that are present when Y.
This agreement follows on from one in June 1996 where Cortecs' oral delivery system and Y.