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chiefly American marsh plants, having usually yellow flowers

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Eriocaulon/Paepalanthus e Xyris foram mais frequentes e Baccharis, Apiaceae e Caryophyllaceae sao ausentes ou menos frequentes que na zona antecedente.
Scorpaenodes xyris (Jordan and Gilbert 1882), rainbow scorpionfish
These include Ceres, CropDesign, Mendel, Paradigm Genetics, Performance Plants, SemBioSys Genetics, and Xyris.
Stage 1A comprised the installation of new infrastructure to connect the Waitsia-1 and Senecio-3 gas wells to the upgraded Xyris Production Facility (XPF).
The family is most speciose in South America where the greatest number of Xyris species occur, especially on the Brazilian (160 spp.
Kunth (Velloziaceae), Abolboda macrostachya Spruce ex Malme, Xyris lacerata Pohl & Seub.
En las comunidades herbaceas fueron Borreria verticillata, Paspalum millegrana, Ouratea roraimae, Cyperus odoratus, Trachypogon plumosus y Xyris fallax.
The BG-ZBF's collection of plants from rupestrian grasslands consists of various taxonomic groups, such as Xyris, Cipocereus, Rhynchospora, Vetlozia, Dyckia, Laelia, Lavoisieira, Coccoloba, Lychnophora (Da Costa, 2004).
Information from this diary was subsequently analysed using a computer software programme (FoodWorks Professional Edition, Version 4, Xyris Software, Australia 2005).
obtusa, Evolvulus minimus, Croton camagueyanus, Utricularia gibba, Coccoloba cowellii, Karwinskia orbiculata, Guettarda camagueyensis y Xyris jupicai) y Vulnerable (Drosera capillaris, Fimbristylis dichotoma, Rhynchospora grisebachii, Stylosanthes humilis, Mayacafluviatilis, Tripogon spicatus, Machaonia minutifolia, Ravenia leonis, Manilkara jaimiqui ssp.
Nutritional analysis was performed using 'FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling, Version 3, 2002, Xyris Software, Brisbane, Queesland'.
5-million project might include the installation of new infrastructure and upgrades to present assets, that might link the latest flow-tested Waitsia 1 and Senecio 3 gas wells to the Xyris production facility.
Xyris laxifolia Mart: Hierba, en sabanas y afloramientos rocosos.