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Xyridaceae Xyris fallax Malme TABLA II INDICE DE VALOR DE IMPORTANCIA (IVI) DE LAS ESPECIES EN LAS PARCELAS DE ARBUSTALES * Especies A1 A2 A3 Pterandra sericea 60,05 27,10 52,12 Myrcia citrifolia 37,17 36,17 15,53 Banara nitida 2,49 22,23 50,79 Clusia rosea 4,81 60,71 8,86 Mimosa microcephala 76,27 0,00 6,83 Lippia origanoides 31,00 3,85 26,01 Jacaranda obtusifolia 5,96 6,49 34,21 Cybianthus sp.
0,01 Leguminosae Indeterminada 0,01 Acanthaceae Indeterminada 0,02 Xyridaceae Indeterminada 0,02 Papilionaceae Zornia diphylla (L.
66) Triuridaceae 4 1 (25) Xyridaceae 4 1 (25) Cuadro 2.
Xyridaceae (Poales) are a predominantly tropical and subtropical family of five genera and about 415 species (Kral, 1998; Campbell, 2004a; 2008).
1813) have long taxonomic histories; however, two-thirds of the currently recognized species of Abolboda, as well as three Xyridaceae genera, were not named until the last half of the twentieth century (see Campbell, 2008).
between them and Xyridaceae, Eriocaulaceae and Mayacaceae (Michelangeli
even though they do not belong to the taxa Xyridaceae or Xyris.
Among Commelinales, Commelinaceae are plasmodial, whereas Eriocaulaceae and Xyridaceae are probably secretory.
1995a (commelinoid families) (Table II), notably those of (a) the clade comprising Xyridaceae and Eriocaulaceae, and (b) the poalean clade (Linder & Kellogg, 1995), with the exception of Flagellariaceae, which is probably the sister taxon to other Poales (Kellogg & Linder, 1995).