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a percussion instrument with wooden bars tuned to produce a chromatic scale and with resonators

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Then we got his xylophone with my guitar and it was just 'Wow
Some of the most memorable moments included a Japanese composition by Minoru Miki in which the man playing a two metre long xylophone appeared to dance and glide along the instrument, and a variation of jazz great Chick Corea's Spain, which was playful, fun and let the drummers really feel the music, as their feet tapped and their heads bopped while they played.
kept the pace at nothing less than rollicking thanks to the parade of cutesy guitars and spanking xylophone twinkles.
Simple instruments from ancient and World traditions served as accompaniment to dance and song, such as drums, rattles, xylophones, recorders, and guitars or lutes (Orff 1978).
The Xylophone Blazing, imported from China, was on sale in the Pound World shop in Alnwick and was purchase by a trading standards officer whose inquiries led her to the supplier AM Toys.
His set was highlighted by the diverse use of instrumentation on show: cello, mandolin, piano, and xylophones all adding delightful sonic colour to his pure and sometimes moody spirit.
Maple wood also is used for casks, drum sticks, sounding boards, xylophones, and many other products.
Product: 113,000 toy xylophones sold at Dollar General stores from July, 1998 through October, 2000, for $3.
The players of the gamelan orchestra (bronze xylophones, pots, and gongs, bamboo flutes, and wooden drums) seem to be dancers in their own right, swelling in unison after great flourishes; the choreographed fury of their hammer wielding hands summons monsoons, insect swarms, and warbling birds.
It began gently, with the sound of Indonesian gongs and bamboo xylophones, building through the rhythms of Spanish flamenco and African drums to a crescendo of Irish dancers thundering across the stage.
Possibly the entaala was once associated with rituals connected with ancestor worship and spirit-healing, as is still the case with some xylophones in neighbouring Busoga.
Among several inconsistencies is cross-referencing of numerous African marimbas and xylophones.
It is made by group members on xylophones and accompanying instruments such as maracas, tambourines and even a ute.
Co-ordinators will invite participants to use recycled timber to create xylophones.
Trading standards officers caught John Reynolds supplying xylophones with high levels of lead and chromium which can cause brain damage.