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Production purification and partial enzymatic and molecular characterization of a laccase from the wood-rotting ascomycetes Xylaria polymorpha.
The Xylaria papulis Lloyd, was under class ascomycetes, first illustrated and described by Van der Gucht [27]; the species was collected and identified using morphology at Papua New Guinea.
Hypothesis: This study was designed systematically to explore Xylaria psidii, an endophytic fungus for the identification of biologically active secondary metabolites against pancreatic cancer cells.
Culture age and wood species affect zone line production of Xylaria polymorpha.
Adiciones al conocimiento de Xylaria (Ascomycota, Xylariales) en Mexico.
Leptoporus lignosus; Phellinus noxius; Poria hypobrunnea; Sphaerostil berepens; Xylaria thwaitesii; / Luna, 2009; Garzon, 2000; Rincon, 1996; Ferreira, 1989; LIM, 1977; Sripathi, 1975; Polhamus, 1962; Edgar, 1958.
Se hallaron 14 especies de Xylariaceae, siendo el genero Xylaria el mejor representado con 12 especies y Kretszchmaria con dos.
de Municipios em Frequencia ocorrencias que ocorreu (%) Aspergillus 1 Una 3,85 Beltrania 1 Una 3,85 Beltraniopsis 1 Una 3,85 Cladobotryum 1 Una 3,85 Clonostachys 2 Taperoa, Una 7,69 Cylindrocarpon 1 Itubera 3,85 Cylindrocladiella 2 Una 7,69 Cylindrocladium 2 Una 7,69 Cytospora 1 Itubera 3,85 Fusarium 3 Itubera, Taperoa 11,54 Ganoderma 3 Itubera, Una 11,54 Geotrichum 1 Una 3,85 Lasiodiplodia 20 Camamu, 76,92 Itubera, Taperoa, Una, Urucuca Mycoleptodiscus 1 Itubera 3,85 Pestalotiopsis 9 Itubera, Taperoa, Una 34,62 Phomopsis 1 Una 3,85 Phytophthora 4 Camamu, 15,38 Itubera, Una, Urucuca Rosellinia 4 Itubera, Una 15,38 Trichoderma 2 Itubera 7,69 Xylaria 1 Una 3,85 TABELA 2--Principais diferencas entre as especies identificadas do genero Lasiodiplodia patogenicas ao mangostanzeiro.
He discovered two species of fungi (Physisporinus vitreus and Xylaria
Addition to the knowledge of Xylaria (Xylariaceae, Ascomycota) in Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil.
Fewer reports are available on Arthrinium phaeospermum, Corynespora cassiicola, and Xylaria sp.
Taxonomy of some Xylaria species and xylariaceous endophytes by isozyme electrophoresis.
Dagne et al [5] in 1994, reported the isolation and characterisation of two new epoxycytochalasins; 19,20-epoxycytochalasin Q and 19,20 epoxydeacetylcytochalasin Q, from the fruiting bodies of Xylaria obovata.
More than 350 specimens of mushrooms - from Amanita to Xylaria - are expected to be on display Sunday at the 27th annual Mushroom Festival and Plant Sale.