Xerxes I

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king of Persia who led a vast army against Greece and won the battle of Thermopylae but was eventually defeated (519-465 BC)

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Furthermore, Xerxes, as a Persian, is not a character whom the audience would identi as an undeserving victim or like themselves -- Xerxes is, after all, the former enemy of the Greeks and a man whom his father's ghost explicitly criticizes in the play for impiety and excess.
Then this same first actor as the ghost of Darius is dressed in the finery appropriate to a king of the Persians, and says that Xerxes is fully guilty of overbearing pride, predicts future disaster, and says that Xerxes will return home in rags.
Xerxes is dominated by women, first by the mistress and then by his wife in their respective demands for favour, yet he in turn exercises the same kind of despotic power over his brother Masistes as Candaules' queen did over Gyges.
In case Xerxes is not aware, please note that the population of Bahrain (including expatriates) is only a little more than half a million while the UK has a population of a staggering 60m.