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Weng, C-J, Chang, C-H, Peng, C-W, Chen, S-W, Yeh, J-M, Hsu, C-L, Wei, Y, "Advanced Anticorrosive Coatings Prepared from the Mimicked Xanthosoma Sagittifolium-Leaf-Like Electroactive Epoxy with Synergistic Effects of Superhydrophobicity and Redox Catalytic Capability.
Cocoyam (Colocasia and Xanthosoma species) is one of the major five tuber crops produced in Nigeria for local consumption alongside yam (Dioscorea spp), cassava (Manihot spp), irish potato (Solanum tuberosus) and sweet potato (Ipomea batata)[1].
Como material vegetal se utilizo el clon de Malanga Xanthosoma 'INIVIT MX--2008'.
Esta emparentada con las especies de los generos Xanthosoma y Caladium, usadas como plantas ornamentales y en ocasiones llamadas oreja de elefante.
Plantas tuberosas como Manihot esculenta (yuca), Discorea sp (names), Xanthosoma sp (tiquizques), e Ipomoea batatas (camote), son de uso comun.
From Alocasia (you may know it as Elephant's Ear or Giant Taro) to Xanthosoma (without a common name that I recognize), this delightful 118 page book takes you on a tour of the world's kitchens and gardens.
Sweet potato, cassava, and Xanthosoma taro, all of tropical American origin, are increasingly important in most areas, especially where agricultural intensification and agrodeforestation are taking place, or where serious disease infestations, such as taro leaf blight or the Alomae and Bobone viral complex of taro (e.