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coarse herbs having small heads of greenish flowers followed by burrs with hooked bristles

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In present study we survey cotton fields in Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab Pakistan and found begomovirus likely to be Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus associated with a betasatellite likely to be tomoto leaf curl betasatellite and Xanthium strumarium alphasatellite (Hussain, 2013).
The application of Xanthium extracts was found to exert significant control on monocot weeds.
palustris and Alisma subcordatum have become dominants along with the annual Xanthium strumarium, these species accounting for about 90% of the I.
Menor incidencia tiene la ingesta de algunas especies de Hymenoxys, Verbesina y Xanthium, a las que se agrega Silybum marianum.
Xanthium Strumarium (Chhota Gokhru), relatively rare object to be found in larynx and its removal with guided telescopic laryngeal examination.
Estos elementos se ven acompanados por neofitos herbaceos ampliamente generalizados por la actividad agricola (bledos del genero Amaranthus y los abrojos del genero Xanthium, fundamentalmente).
Xanthium strumarium, Typha latifolia, Asphodelus tenuifolius, Verbena, officinalis, Xanthium strumarium, Typha latifolia Asphodelus tenuifolius, Verbena officlantis, Sonchus asper, Conyza canadensis, were found in three different sites each.
The least frequently occurring species in the area was Xanthium strumarium with 6% AF and 0.
Tambien se hallo especies consideradas "prohibidas" para la venta, porque son utilizadas en las practicas de aborto, donde destaca Xanthium spinosum "alco kiska".
2) Sul greto asciutto, ciottoloso-sabbioso, sono state rinvenute formazioni caratterizzate dalla presenza di Persicaria lapathifolia, Xanthium orientale L.
Spiny Cocklebur Xanthium spinosum: This is a summer annual with nasty thorns that grows best in places that have been tilled and irrigated.
Just having a nightmare trying to get hold of some xanthium, you know how it is, he said.
INCI: Lonicera japonica flower extract/ xanthium sibiricum fruit extract/cyperus rothundus root extract