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(genetics) abnormal complement of sex hormones in a male who has two Y chromosomes

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In 1977, he was the supremo of a mob of tough young thugs known as the XYY gang.
His XYY gang - named because the crooks were only identified by letters in court when they were finally put on trial - carried out raids on banks, payroll deliveries, security vans and businesses.
Macrodontia is usually associated with systemic condi- tion such as insulin-resistant diabetes2 or syndromes such as otodental syndrome3 facial hemi-hyperplasia KBG syndrome Ekman-Westborg-Julin syndrome XYY syndrome.
Chromosome constitution and apoptosis of imma ture germ cells present in sperm of two 47, XYY infertile males.
Sindromes asociados con macrodoncia: gigantismo de glandula pituitaria, sindrome otodental, hombres XYY hiperplasia de glandula pineal con hiperinsulinismo.
see also Greenberg, supra note 6, at 281 (reporting that in addition to forty-six XX/XY, children have been born with chromosomes ranging from XXX, XXY, XXXY, XYY, XYYY, XYYYY to XO).
Diger uzun boya sebep olan Klinefelter sendromu, 47 XYY karyotipinde olup klinik gorunum hastalik icin tipiktir.
Answers 1 Maggie Jones, who played Ken's mother-in-law Blanche; 2 Big Top; 3 Chekov; 4 Brian Hanrahan; 5 Jimmy Hanley; 6 Sir Anthony Hopkins; 7 Ant And Dec's Push The Button; 8 An ice cream van; 9 A motorised rickshaw; 10 Kristian Digby; 11 Harry Shearer; 12 Suranne Jones; 13 Guy Williams; 14 James Ellis; 15 Jellystone National Park; 16 The XYY Man; 17 Brian Inglis; 18 Detective Sgt George Carter; 19 Take The High Road/High Road; 20 Take Three Girls; 21 Iain Cuthbertson; 22 John Hurt; 23 Alison Steadman; 24 Lt Uhura; 25 Chris Chataway; 26 Anita Lonsbrough; 27 Kenneth Baker; 28 Norman Tebbit; 29 Frozen in Time by Ali Sparkes; 30 Sir Michael Parkinson.
An example would be humans who are configured as XXY or XYY.
The study sheds new light on the protein Pds5, its crucial regulatory role during meiosis, and the impact of its absence on the molecular-level genesis of human chromosomal birth defects that include Down, Edwards, Patau, Turner, Klinefelter's and XYY syndromes.
Por otro lado, tienen aplicacion clinica, pues los rasgos dermatoglificos se forman hacia el cuarto mes de vida intrauterina y no cambian con la edad, excepto en tamano y alteraciones ontogenicas tempranas; algunas configuraciones --entre ellas altas frecuencias de arcos-- se asocian a alteraciones cromosomicas y a sindromes como el Langdon-Down, Turner, Trisomia 18, Trisomia D, Klinefelter, Rubinstein-Taybi, XYY, enfermedades congenitas del corazon, rubeola prenatal y aborto espontaneo, por lo que su reconocimiento fenotipico temprano puede contribuir a tratamientos clinicos preventivos (Mavalwala et al.
Neurologists, pediatricians, behavioral psychologists, geneticists, and others from Italy and the US discuss evaluating children with intellectual disabilities, the biological profile of Down Syndrome, neurobiological advances in the Fragile X family of disorders, idiopathic hypoparathyroidism and chromosome 10p deletion, cognitive enrichment, rehabilitation issues, narrative based medicine, and life span development in Turner Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, XYY, Nance-Horan Syndrome, and interstitial deletion of chromosome 21.
of Children Hemiplegia 5 Four limb cerebral palsy 2 Ring chromosome 22 1 47 XYY 1 Kleinfelters syndrome 1 Asthma 1 Eczema 2 Diabetes mellitus 1 Juvenile chronic arthritis 1 Hypothyroidism 1 No co--existing medical problems 23 Total 39 Table 4.
TABLE 4-1 Karyotypes and gonadal sexes of various anomalies in human sexual differentiation Autosomes Sex Chromosomes Gonad Syndrome Name 44 X0 Ovaries Turner's 44 XX Ovaries Normal female 44 XXX Ovaries Superfemale 44 XY Testes Normal male 44 XXY Testes Klinfelter's 44 XYY Testes Supermale 66 XXX Ovaries Triploid (lethal) 66 XXY Testes Triploid (lethal) 44 [XX.
Disorder Genotype Phenotype Sexual development Kleinfelter XXY Tall male Infertile syndrome 1:1,000 live births Trisomy X 47XXX Female, Usually normal usually tall 1:1,000 live births XYY XYY Tall male Usually normal syndrome 1:1,000 live male births Turner 45X Short female, Infertile syndrome distinctive 1:2,000 live features female births