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Therefore, Remington is recalling all affected products to fully inspect and clean the XMP triggers with a specialized process, it stated.
That's why our Mobil SHC branded lubricants, like Mobilgear SHC XMP 320, are used to service 40,000 wind turbines around the world.
It utilizes our strengths in sourcing, distribution, and sales, while focusing the Aronsons' exceptional marketing talents on developing the full potential of their fine stable of licensed goods and our XMP Program.
NetIQ AppManager for Brocade and NetIQ XMP for Brocade provide granular monitoring of the storage-networking environment for both Windows and UNIX enterprise customers.
These XMP solutions extend MOM to support more than 25 different applications, platforms and third-party systems management products.
0, Adobe Illustrator 10, Adobe AlterCast, XMP (eXtensible Metadata Platform), Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC, and Adobe Studio Web Site.
Bell Labs' XMP allows nondestructive deep probing of atomic structures, opening the deer to Improvements in device engineering, materials science, and chemistry.
The Intel XMP ready memory easily achieves best performance optimization by simply selecting a speed profile in BIOS -- with no need for manual adjustments.
CORSAIR has launched the latest addition to its range of XMP 2.
24GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM (Kit of 6) XMP T1 Series CL9-9-9-27
Running at 2400MHz, Kingston's HyperX dual-channel DDR3 memory kit gained Intel XMP certification on the Core i7 platform, said a company statement.
The 6GB 2000MHz DDR3 kit optimised for XMP is priced at GBP308.
The XMP Connector for the Netcool suite automatically translates and forwards MOM 2000 alert information to the Netcool/OMNIbus console.
HyperX red is Intel([R]) XMP ready and is available in 8GB kits and 4GB single modules at 1600MHz and 1333MHz, in both 1.
XMP for Sun Solaris, XMP for Novell NetWare and XMP for Red Hat Linux enable UNIX and Novell NetWare administrators to benefit from MOM's enterprise scale event consolidation.