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a set of symbols and rules for their use when doing a markup of a document

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xfy can handle any kind of XML vocabulary from standard to private.
WSDL is an XML vocabulary for describing the capabilities of Web services and the requirements for invoking Web services, which provide the ability for computers to interoperate by using XML-based messages.
The OASIS Customer Information Quality (CIQ) Technical Committee announced that it has accepted the submission of CRML, the XML vocabulary specification that defines customer relationships.
The IDG Research Services Group survey confirmed the lack of any dominant XML standard; no one XML vocabulary is used by more than 38% of the respondents.
During the Data Conditioning process, data written according to one XML vocabulary (or schema) is transformed so that it may talk to multiple applications written in another XML vocabulary.
With the ability to support the bi- directional translation of EDI documents to any XML vocabulary, this solution should dramatically reduce the time it takes to deploy new e-business applications.
The industry-standard XML vocabulary removes the burden of developing and implementing separate data interchange mechanisms.
Everyone within the consortium has been working diligently to develop industry-standard XML vocabulary that will enable companies to conduct e- business more efficiently and effectively," said Alan Goldstein, M.
Additionally, xCommerce supports all XML vocabulary standards including RosettaNet, OAG, ebXML, cXML, xCBL, ACORD, WSDL and SOAP.
Using Inktomi's "Dedicated Search Cluster" as a core platform, Aeneid has developed an XML vocabulary and Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for exchanging information with its customers.