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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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3Leaf Systems, a pioneer of technologies that enable dynamic clouds, today announced that an industry standard x86 system powered by 3Leaf technologies crushed the previous SPECjbb 2005 performance record of x86-based systems by a factor of two and set a new world record, coming in #1 on the overall SPECjbb list.
Rackable Systems C2002 Server Running Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 With Oracle Database Resets Single Node Record for x86-Based Systems
He stressed what he described as an increasing need for that convergence between UNIX-supporting platforms like Itanium and the x86-based systems that currently handle the bulk of cloud computing functionality in the data center, particularly for the so-called Big Data customers of companies like HP and other key Intel partners.
The Unix server market continues to contract as x86-based systems gain more capabilities, but the Unix category stillgeneratedUS$2.
These capabilities give CUDA programmers the ability--with a single-source tree--to create applications that can reach both those customers who own the quarter-billion CUDA-enabled GPUs sold to date, as well as the massive base of customers who already own x86-based systems.
Built around a 75 MHz 486DX or 40 MHz 386SX architecture, these PC/104 computers are designed for compact, x86-based systems used in aerospace, industrial medical, military and transportation applications.
Capable of running standard Linux distributions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or the Solaris(TM) operating system, the x86-based systems beat competitive offerings from Dell, HP and IBM--up to 25 percent less on the Sun Fire V60x system and up to 28 percent on the Sun Fire V65x.
The company produces x86 solutions that are also ideal for other x86-based systems such as Windows-based terminals, Windows-CE platforms, and set-top boxes.