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In a 2012 lawsuit filed in US District Court in Phoenix, Armato contended TSA officers initially refused to follow the agency's policy of providing alternative security screenings for bottles of breast milk instead of X-raying them.
The system includes X-raying stations and can handle around 13,000 items of baggage per hour.
She will also touch on their use in archaeology such as scanning mummies and the x-raying of famous WORKs of art.
The tomb and the most important finds are described and illustrated, and the modern X-raying and CT-scanning of the king's mummy are presented in detail.
Such products present a challenge, as it is impossible to nondestructively inspect the internal features without X-raying the parts.
Restoring it has been painstaking work, replacing thousands of corroded rivets and X-raying steel components to check for racks or corrosion.
Meanwhile, an international team noticed, while x-raying the same mummy collection, some unexpected physiological details.
After x-raying, his baggage appeared to have some kind of density at its bottom.
Until ultrasonography, it was the standard method of X-raying the gall bladder.
Transport bosses blamed the tailbacks on Saudi border officials only working certain hours each day, as well as their insistence on X-raying every vehicle entering Saudi Arabia.
X-raying your derriE re is the best thing you could do in your life?
A spokesman for the Prison Service said: "Items sent into prisons are subject to rigorous security procedures, including hand and dog searches and X-raying.
Items sent into prisons are subject to rigorous security procedures including hand searches, dog searches and X-raying.
Whose silly idea was it to start X-raying people along with the Daggage at airports.