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After x-raying, his baggage appeared to have some kind of density at its bottom.
Transport bosses blamed the tailbacks on Saudi border officials only working certain hours each day, as well as their insistence on X-raying every vehicle entering Saudi Arabia.
INCOM is currently involved in a myriad of new projects including enhanced digital imaging, ultrasonic fingerprinting, digital dental X-raying and the production and marketing of fiber optic faceplates that enable keyboards and displays to be dynamically programmable.
X-raying your derriE re is the best thing you could do in your life?
A spokesman for the Prison Service said: "Items sent into prisons are subject to rigorous security procedures, including hand and dog searches and X-raying.
Items sent into prisons are subject to rigorous security procedures including hand searches, dog searches and X-raying.
Whose silly idea was it to start X-raying people along with the Daggage at airports.
aviation officials have been pressing the EU to require the X-raying of every package placed on passenger planes, however to date this call has been met with resistance because of the costs and logistics involved in screening of this magnitude.
Prosecutors accused the 56-year-old Sudanese X-ray operator of abusing the fact that the 19-year-old Emirati woman was alone in the radiology section where he reportedly groped her private parts and kissed her on the cheeks and lips while X-raying her.
HRH Princess Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the KHCF Board of Trustees, said the grant would help provide the center with a diagnosing device of great importance to increase efficiency and accuracy of x-raying.
The Betsi Cadwaladr UHB first chairman Michael Williams and chief executive Mary Burrows want GPs to take on some services at local surgeries, which could be ultrasound scans, X-raying fractures and diagnosing common conditions like diabetes, to relieve "incredible pressure" on A&E departments.
A changeover from to digital X-raying can mean six-digit-figure savings.
CUSTOMS officers were intrigued when they spotted strange wriggling shapes while X-raying a parcel labelled T-shirts and baby toys at Sydney Airport.
The pipes had to be trialled and tested with every other criteria demanded in the manufacture, including X-raying the joining points.
X-raying to try to see the blockage is a waste of time, said Louise, because X-rays are unable to