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One X-ray picture revealing blood flow through your heart arteries may be worth a thousand words in your records," Dr.
We then use computer imagery to assemble each X-ray picture to make it one whole.
The images taken with CR cassettes hold the x-ray picture temporarily by a magnetic-like energy.
There may be rare occasions when an x-ray picture taken on site will help finalise decisions about diagnosis, the best way to transport the horse, or the distance over which it can safely be transported.
15 Nature, they publish an X-ray picture with all three characters--the polymerase, the target DNA, and the incoming nucleotide--of this genetic drama.
Looking at drawing A you will see an x-ray picture of how everything will fit in a model with an enclosed base.
At that time, the doctor or nurse should read your blood pressure, give you pelvic and breast exams, and take an x-ray picture of your breasts (mammogram) to check for breast cancer.
A mammogram is a safe, low-dose x-ray picture of the breast.
Some women are asked to attend again if the X-ray picture is not clear, or to look more closely at a special area of the breast which needs a further detailed check.
The X-ray picture of a 33-week-old foetus with a bullet in his brain is one of the most horrific things I have ever seen.
10-year-old patient Thomas Williams is shown the new instant X-ray picture of his hand by nurse practitioner Tim Stretton, who says the new system lets him make a diagnosis almost instantly.
An X-ray picture of the bomb shows nails bulging out of the side.
An X-ray picture of one of the bombs shows nails bulging out of the side of a bottle-shaped bomb.
THIS X-ray picture shows the lungs which a man damaged siphoning out petrol during the fuel blockade.
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