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Part also of the mythology surrounding her memory is the notion that the crucial x-ray photograph was "pilfered" by Watson and used by him, together with Crick, to take the credit for a discovery that was rightly hers.
Figure 7a is an X-ray photograph of the unstretched PPV film collected with the y-axis tilted 15[degrees] from the X-ray beam.
The ratios of the axial to transverse elastic moduli are about 8 and 4 for the uniaxially stretched and the magnetically oriented films, respectively, The elastic modulus of the pressed film, in spite of its slight orientation observed in the X-ray photograph, exhibits similar values in both directions.
Last night his dad Jason said he was keeping the x-ray photograph of Liam's throat.
They exhibit a well-developed orthotropic texture, especially that rolled to a reduction of [approximately]6 [see X-ray photograph (e) in Fig.
It was ironic that Roentgen's first X-ray photograph had been of a hand, for the hands of doctors across Europe were the first to feel the negative effects of radiation through in-expert handling.
The picture of Joseph's hand holding a computer mouse is an X-ray photograph taken by Mr Nick Veasey, a 38 year-old former graphic designer, who founded his own photographic firm, 'Untitled', six years ago.
This X-ray photograph of the lorry shows two people inside at the Channel tunnel freight terminal in Calais.
AN INTERESTING case under the Workman's Compensation Act was investigated before Judge Shand at the Liverpool County Court today, when the production of some X-ray photographs upset the opinions of a number of local medical practitioners.
The book is notable for color reproductions of a range of paintings by many artists from the era (most but not all Venetian/Italian), as well as X-ray photographs, condition photographs, and photos before and after a 1950s retouching that document the Dudley Madonna.
Like the researchers, visitors can view X-ray photographs of the artist's revisions and examine his sand-speckled paints through a microscopic lens.
Derek underwent a series of tests at Hartlepool Hospital including an endoscopy - a medical camera which is inserted to view the bowel - and a CT scan - a device that takes multiple x-ray photographs to build a picture of the inside of the body - which resulted in a diagnosis of bowel cancer.
In the US, 75% of medical practitioners are estimated to own at least one Apple device, and they are using them for tasks including looking at patient records, showing X-ray photographs and finding medical information.
An MRI is a series of non X-ray photographs taken through the body like slices so that abnormalities can be seen in great detail.
The team used pioneering keyhole surgery, working through small incisions and navigating using X-ray photographs that they pieced together to form a 3D map of her insides.