X-ray machine

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an apparatus that provides a source of X rays

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SHANGLA -- Latest X-ray machines were installed in three health centres of Shangla district here on Friday.
New Delhi [India], Feb 17 ( ANI ): A woman in China went as far as inside an X-ray machine to keep her handbag safe.
2) 8290n003-portable 100ma x-ray machine,firms offer accepted make/brand: gme,detailed specification as per annexure-a;
After the incident, lawyers passed through the X-ray machine and entered the building.
With our new digital X-ray machine, we will be able to provide an improved service to residents in the local community and cut waiting times at the centre.
It was then explained to me that the X-ray machine had broken down and to safeguard themselves the box needed to be opened.
Summary: A human X-ray machine which produces "naked" images of passengers has been introduced at Manchester airport.
Three new dental sets and a dental X-ray machine were bought for the inpatient and outpatient clinics of the Ministry of Interior at the initiative of Interior Minister Kongantiev.
The old X-ray machine was a long time mainstay for creating images of the interior of the human body, but as surgery techniques and the science behind them became more advanced, the shortfalls of this older modality caused researches to look toward more modern technology, such as CAT Scans, Fluoroscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to provide workable images and roadmaps for the structures beneath the skin.
THREE OF THE TOP X-RAY MACHINE manufacturers are being given a chance to prove their technologies' worth at airport security checkpoints this year in a competition that could be worth several million dollars.
This would involve going through a X-ray machine or being searched.
Q When I travel i'm paranoid that the X-ray machine at the security check will damage my film, so I end up packing my digital camera instead.
The goods ranged from a $12,900 x-ray machine to a $4,995 x-ray scanner like those used in airport security and a $75 pair of lead gloves for working with radioactive materials.
Buried among the pricey dinners, new office furniture, company cars and private jet trips was a mysterious expense for a home X-ray machine.
There is no X-ray machine in the airport hall primarily used by Ryanair and Aer Lingus.