X-ray film

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photographic film used to make X-ray pictures

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However, X-ray film costs $2 per sheet of film, so 20,000 exposures would run the hospital around $40,000.
Kodak manufactures its dental X-ray products in a sandwich construction of X-ray film, paper, and foil between outer layers of plasticized, or flexible, polyvinyl chloride film, coated black on one side to protect the enclosed X-ray film from accidental exposure.
As a result, the four companies jointly maintained their x-ray film prices and raised them for certain hospitals, starting in April 2000, the FTC alleged.
The asymmetry of the frontal sinuses has stimulated several attempts to identify persons by analyzing measurements of the sinuses obtained from plain x-ray films.
The most common current process to recover silver from used X-ray film is to burn the film in a furnace and retrieve the precious metal from the ashes.
Mammographic film, medical x-ray film (green sensitive), medical x-ray film (green sensitive), medical x-ray film (green sensitive), medical x-ray film (green sensitive)
Extraoral x-ray systems don't rely on exposing x-ray film directly.
A revolutionary system could lead to the elimination of X-ray film technology.
To recover silver from used X-ray film, Haruo Ishikawa, a chemist at Japan's University of Osaka Prefecture, and his colleagues have devised a biological technique to break down the film's emulsion, which holds the silver particles in place.
Kegelmeyer says some breast cancers are virtually invisible on the X-ray film.
He estimates that fewer than half of the dentists in the United States have switched to "E speed" X-ray film.