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Synonyms for X-ray

electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

examine by taking x-rays

Related Words

take an x-ray of something or somebody

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Commercialization of technologically advanced X-ray systems, coupled with the rapidly aging global population with high healthcare needs, will propel the market.
The x-ray market by applications is segmented into mammography, cardiovascular x-ray, respiratory (chest) x-ray, dental x-ray and other applications (orthopedic, urology, abdominal etc.
The broad X-ray spectrum recorded by Suzaku implies fast-moving, and therefore close-in, material.
However, X-ray spectromicroscopy does require that experiments be conducted in close proximity to a synchrotron.
By incorporating a bar code reader into the x-ray inspection system, tires do not need to be sorted, but can be randomly sent through for inspection.
Extraoral radiograph screen-film systems are constructed using a piece of double-coated x-ray film: the film is sensitized to light on both sides.
The major development in regard to XRF analyzers has been the movement away from radioisotopes toward X-ray tubes.
Fluorescence by the continuum was ignored, as were at first the effects of electron backscatter, and many parameters of importance in quantitative analysis, particularly the x-ray absorption coefficients that were not well known.
Since first producing the car-wash-style x-ray in 1994, the Boston-area company has started selling several other models of mobile x-ray systems used at ports of entry around the world.
Liquids are placed in holders fitted with x-ray transmitting windows.
Now, his team reports an advance that it says will enable radiologists to perform phase-contrast imaging using conventional hospital X-ray machines.
Topics to be examined will include the workings of automatic x-ray inspection systems, including high resolution, digital detectors, powerful computer processors and highlights of software capability, possible labor savings and the future of automatic x-ray inspection.
Key words: background; optimization; overlaps; virtual WDS; wavelength dispersive x-ray analysis; wavelength dispersive x-ray spectrometers.
The X-ray outburst of a young, sunlike star may provide new insights about planet formation.