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Synonyms for X-ray

electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

examine by taking x-rays

Related Words

take an x-ray of something or somebody

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Fabian's team has also used the new X-ray data to demonstrate that the gravity of the black holes has slowed time, stretching the radiation to longer wavelengths.
Automatic x-ray inspection incorporates technological advances made through the years, and offers an alternative to the labor intense process of one operator per station analyzing tire images on a viewing screen.
Backscatter is caused when x-ray radiation passes through the cassette, bounces and reenters the cassette.
based Niton LLC, says X-ray tubes provide many advantages over traditional radioisotopes.
The most important effect to be accounted for was that of losses due to x-ray absorption, particularly significant because of the low take-off angle and the use of high acceleration voltages.
Customs Service is so enamored of x-ray technology, in early July it announced a $25 million order for 29 units of a new generation of machines from Science Applications International.
Austin, Texas; and Phillips Analytical X-Ray, Mahwah, N.
Table 33: World Historic Review for X-ray Contrast Media by
Conventional X-ray techniques take advantage of the fact that materials in the body absorb X rays to different extents.
For major elements (where the peak intensity is much greater than background), the choice of x-ray line and of spectrometer crystal (where different choices are available) is governed simply by the criterion of maximum intensity (and hence minimum counting time for given statistical uncertainty).
Although steel cords in the tire can be easily noticed in an ordinary x-ray absorption radiograph, the organic fibers have hardly been observed.
Each published market analysis gives an overview of the actual situation, trends and future outlook of the market for X-ray equipment in the respective country.
com adds "Market Research Report on Global and Chinese X-Ray Crystallography Scanner Industry, 2009-2019" to its store
Using an Earth-orbiting telescope to record what Mars would look like if our eyes were sensitive to high-energy radiation, researchers have for the first time detected X-ray emissions from the planet.