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electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

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Information gained from this study may contribute to utilizing X-radiation for improving genetic traits, propagation and production of date palm.
It measures x-radiation, gamma radiation and, when equipped with a suitable window, beta radiation.
The tissue equivalence becomes very important when the incident [gamma]- or X-radiation energy is in the region between 20 and 100 keV.
6-mm Debye-Scherrer powder camera using Ni-filtered CuK[alpha] X-radiation.
It means an MRI scanner can be bought for the hospital enabling quick and effective diagnosis without X-radiation and is safe enough so pregnant mothers can be scanned.
It's one of the greatest entomological success stories of all times and also one of the least well-known peaceful uses of atomic energy: perfection of an effective control for screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel), using x-radiation.
The agency concludes that the proposed use of X-radiation, produced by operation of X-ray tubes at energy levels of 500 KeV or lower, to inspect foods, is safe.
Like other researchers, in the beginning he considered X-radiation harmless [28], and he proposed its use in the detection of lung disease and foreign bodies in the body [13].
New research shows that the Canadian C-spine Rule (CCR) is a better way to determine which trauma patients should undergo cervical spine radiography than criteria developed by the National Emergency X-Radiation Utilization Study (NEXUS).
A diffuse glow of X-radiation permeates the universe, challenging astronomers to discover its source.
The display's proprietary design in based on ALT's patented laser-based technology which controls a laser beam on a horizontal and vertical axis and also eliminates the risk of magnetic X-radiation now associated with CRTs.