X-linked gene

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a gene located on an X chromosome

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Second, this X-linked gene may contribute to sex differences in aggressiveness and social skill often attributed solely to cultural influences and child rearing.
A man with the same X-linked gene passes it to all his daughters (they all receive his X chromosome) and none of his sons (they all receive his Y chromosome).
More than 140 mutations or combinations of mutations of the X-linked gene for G6PD have been characterized at the DNA level from different ethnic populations worldwide (4, 5).
The investigators estimate, however,that perhaps one-third of all manic depressives carry the X-linked gene.
Detection of carriers of X-linked gene for Duchenne muscular dystrophy by levels of creatine kinase and pyruvate kinase.
The disorder is caused by alterations of an X-linked gene, MECP2.
5) clearly showed that the peak areas of the amplification products for the normal female are about double those for the normal male, as expected for an X-linked gene.
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