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Polish prelate who persuaded the Soviet to allow greater religious freedom in Poland (1901-1981)

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Cardinal Wyszynski was never put before one, but several Eastern European regimes did conduct show trials that mirrored the Moscow Trials of the 1930s.
Se inicia esta serie con un estudio de Elzbieta Osewska, de la Universidad Cardenal Estevan Wyszynski de Varsovia, Educar en una Europa diversificada, donde, despues de aludir al sentido de la entidad <<europea>> en una Europa dividida, que esta soportando diferentes politicas europeas, senala, como cambios mas significativos recientemente experimentados, el que afecta a quienes estan bien informados, los que inciden en el panorama religioso europeo y los que repercuten en el modelo social, para concluir apuntando algunos parametros que deberian tenerse en cuenta a la hora de afrontar los desafios que, para el proximo decenio, se le plantea a la educacion en Europa.
Cardinal Wyszynski was the first to greet the Pope, boarding the papal plane to do so.
Professor Miroslaw Wyszynski, the lab's lead investigator, said: "This will help us to do more research into making engines cleaner and more efficient.
com)-- sociomantic labs, Europe's leading real-time bidding platform for performance advertisers, today announces their entry into Central and Eastern Europe with the appointment of Maciej Wyszynski as Managing Director CEE.
Two other important names are those of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, archbishop of Warsaw and primate of Poland, and Josef Cardinal Beran, archbishop of Prague, in the Czech Republic.
Eventually forbidden to do so by the authorities, who obviously feared its power as a rallying point, Wyszynski did something else: He sent the icon's frame on pilgrimage instead.
Before departing Poland, Nixon visited the Warsaw cathedral of Poland's Roman Catholic Primate, Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski.
Ilves also met with the Rectorate of the Catholic University of Lublin and placed flowers at the memorial of John Paul II and Cardinal Wyszynski.
To that end, Travelers' Angelique Wyszynski, marketing manager for Select Accounts.
Miroslaw Wyszynski, a professor of mechanical engineering at Birmingham
Wyszynski has found that the poet employs Ciceronian rhetoric to build on this earlier text.
There is reportedly no change in physical properties of the resin--"only a faster cycle," says Thomas Wyszynski, technical manager for rotational resins.
Father Darius Wyszynski, whose parishioner, Ralph Kluk, has created a 70-foot, 700-pound rosary in his front yard made out of spray-painted bowling bells (Chicago Sun-Times, Oct.
This production also goes to the trouble of flanking the pope with interesting actors in smallish roles, including James Cromwell as his mentor and Christopher Lee (who even in priestly raiments manages to look menacing) as Poland's church leader, Cardinal Wyszynski.