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a native or resident of Wyoming

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When Hugh agrees to give the "Old Sioux Tract" to the Eastern Electric Corporation, he essentially condones the idea that white Wyomingites deserve health care and electricity and that Sioux people deserve only compassion.
Accordingly, a decision by a very small state like Vermont or Wyoming to dynamically incorporate federal law does not dilute the political influence that individual Vermonters or Wyomingites exercise over the laws that govern them nearly as much as a similar decision by a large state like California or Texas dilutes the political influence of Californians or Texans.
I'd wager that not 1 in 10 Wyomingites knows that their state hosts the third longest overland mammal migration in the world--the movement of pronghorn from the Red Desert to Grand Teton National Park.
There's a hint in there about Wyomingites and Wyoming Republican politics.
Wyomingites view the world very differently than Northeasterners do, it seems to me, both literally and figuratively, and much of it has to do with geography.
While Wyomingites hang onto the image of the cowboy, they fail to recognize other significant achievements, Western said.