wrongful death

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a death that results from a wrongful act or from negligence

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22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, reports today that the family of a man aboard a cargo ship that sank during Hurricane Joaquin has recently filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit against the owners and captain of the ship.
Wrongful death incidences are extremely complicated and quite sensitive.
In 1920, state wrongful death laws generally provided only economic damages, like DOHSA.
In a letter to Dean Patrick's mother Anita Kenny and father Barry Higgins the HSE said it wished "to apologise unreservedly for the wrongful death of their son while in our care".
On March 21, 2006, Jerry, as administrator, filed a complaint pursuant to the Wrongful Death Act, alleging medical malpractice against Joseph's treating physicians, Drs.
The singer's father Joe in June filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray but did not name AEG.
The wrongful death lawsuit would be a civil lawsuit, which can run in parallel with the criminal suit.
2 of the Wrongful Death Act, the appellate court considered its legislative history.
The court held, inter alia, that the trial court did not err in ruling that the plaintiffs were not required to opt to proceed on either wrongful death or survival causes of action.
A woman whose husband committed suicide after taking antidepressants can pursue a wrongful death claim against the doctor who prescribed them even though the husband had signed a contract agreeing to settle any issues with his doctor in arbitration, the Utah Supreme Court has ruled.
The Oregon Supreme Court on Friday ruled the state's $500,000 limit on jury awards for noneconomic damages in wrongful death lawsuits does not violate a person's right to have a jury decide damages.
On May 31, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed into law House Bill 1798, allowing juries to award damages to the surviving heirs of a wrongful death claimant for grief, sorrow and mental anguish, which will likely further escalate the already elevated tort damages corporate defendants face in long-standing "judicial hellholes" such as Madison County, Illinois.
LANCASTER -- The family of a Palmdale woman killed in a head-on collision with a suspected wrong-way drunken driver -- a Lancaster bar waitress with a prior drunk driving conviction -- has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman.
Later Cook was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges, but was then sued in a wrongful death suit.
However, the court held that since suits for "wrongful death" are governed, for purposes of limitations, by the "date of death," the plaintiffs had a claim for wrongful death which was not barred by the one year statute of limitations since one-year had not passed between the time that the patient died and suit against the hospital was filed.