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Synonyms for worsted

a woolen fabric with a hard textured surface and no nap

a tightly twisted woolen yarn spun from long-staple wool


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7 -- 8 --color) Gilbert Adrian's tailored worsted wool suit from the 1940s, right, reflected the wartime rationing of fabric, while the '20s presented more of a feminine flair as seen in this sequined dress by Jeanne Beckers, below.
In addition to the sub-Saharan Africa and CBI provisions, the bill also grants Normal Trade Relations status to Albania and Kyrgyzstan and includes temporary duty reductions and suspensions for certain United States imports of articles made from wool and worsted wool.
Claussen favors modern and classic furniture and takes great delight in coming upon such finds as two Donghia chairs he brought home from a floor sample sale, a pair of original Eero Saarinen IBM office chairs that he has upholstered in gray worsted wool, a Jack Larsen maple bench, and a huge steel rod Warren Platener chair he found in a junk shop in 1985 for $175 and had recovered in bright red wool for his white bedroom.
The main floor will be occupied by a turn-of-the-century worsted wool knitting mill, which will produce yarn, blankets, socks using wool from organically raised sheep.
Marcraft owns and operates their own worsted wool mill and factories, maximizing the opportunity to create exclusive luxury fabrics and garments of the highest quality.
Alternate) Blauer; 75 Polyester/25% Worsted wool blend.
Chabot was educated in the Uxbridge public school system and worked for the Uxbridge Worsted Wool Co.
5 metres of worsted wool required to make a dishdasha.
Made for a local sports star's wedding day and costing a piggy bank rattling pounds 12,500, it is hand made from cloth (Tasmania Super 140's Worsted wool with Cashmere) that had the customer's name woven into it.
Among the introductions are Tibetan Dreams, contemporary designs in autumnal colors of 100 percent Tibetan sheep wool; Golden Horizon, a program of Sino Persians; and Platinum, a collection of Antique Persian, Mugal and Indian textiles designs of 100 percent worsted wool.
Breathable worsted wool fabric for suits and cotton broadcloth shirts with a 3.
Satin lapels (notch or peak), panels and piping create modern drama of vintage designs in black worsted wool,'' Bennett says.
Worsted wool fabrics and garments are the two main businesses of Jiangsu Sunshine.
Vivian was a mender in the textile wool industry working for several area companies including the Uxbridge Worsted Wool Co.