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a court established to settle disputes between members of the United Nations

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Soon after a meeting with ICJ's president Ronny Abraham and delegations of Pakistan and Indian in the Netherlands on June 8, Attorney General (AG) Ashtar Ausaf Ali had informed the world court about Pakistan's intention of appointing judge ad hoc to sit on the ICJ bench for all proceedings, including substantive hearing in the Jadhav case.
And yet for all the Ortega administration's enthusiasm, it is unclear how much the latest World Court decision really helps the Nicaraguan cause, which continues to be hampered by complete intransigence on the part of authorities in Bogota.
In 2004, the World Court (22) issued its Avena decision, which purported to order the United States to reopen the convictions and sentences of fifty-one Mexican nationals on death row across the country.
More to the point, notwithstanding Ocampo's good intentions, the world court cannot put Bashir in the dock because Sudan as yet does not come under the jurisdiction of the world court.
In 2004, the World Court ruled that the United States must reopen the case.
Serbia yesterday hailed its acquittal before the World Court on genocide charges filed by Bosnia, saying it would help regional reconciliation.
SERBIA has hailed its acquittal before the World Court on genocide charges filed by Bosnia, saying it would help regional reconciliation.
LEAVE ISLET DISPUTE TO WORLD COURT (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Yomiuri Shimbun)
entrance into the World Court (1923), an effort that led to the organization of the first Conference on the Cause and the Cure of War in 1925.
Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case that tests whether Jose Medellin, a Mexican national on death row in Texas, has a right to a new hearing in federal court after the World Court ruling, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Similarly, in 1996, the World Court voted that the United States and other existing nuclear powers were legally bound by provisions of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty--signed and ratified by the United States and all but a handful of the world's nations--to take serious steps to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.
And the United States is certain to veto any pro-Palestinian United Nations resolution ordering Israel to abide by the decision of the World Court.
Israel's prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has ordered construction to continue on the West Bank security barrier, despite a World Court ruling declaring the project illegal.
ISRAEL last night vowed to ignore a ruling by the World Court to tear down its controversial wall in the West Bank.
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