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Synonyms for workshop




Synonyms for workshop

a brief intensive course for a small group

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Drowne," said Copley, who had hardly missed a single day in his visits to the carver's workshop, "if this work were in marble it would make you famous at once; nay, I would almost affirm that it would make an era in the art.
When all was finished he threw open his workshop, and admitted the towns people to behold what he had done.
But there was no longer any motion in the lifelike image, nor any real woman in the workshop, nor even the witchcraft of a sunny shadow, that might have deluded people's eyes as it flitted along the street.
On leaving the workshop Adam locked the door, took the key out, and carried it to the house on the other side of the woodyard.
A week later, with failing health and shattered nerves, Professor Maxon sailed with his daughter for a long ocean voyage, which he hoped would aid him in rapid recuperation, and permit him to forget the nightmare memory of those three horrible days and nights in his workshop.
It was not easy, of course, for the weak young telephone to make itself heard in that noisy workshop.
Emphasis: Jazz, technique, pedagogy, repertoire, theory, workshops, electronic and computer music.
Some professionals and workshops don't want to work with beginners," says Benitez.
The University of Louisville Libraries' Business Liaison Team designed Research Refresher workshops to assist faculty at the University's College of Business in using the Libraries' electronic resources.
Programming for Vocational Competence in Sheltered Workshops
SALT LAKE CITY -- Over the course of 2006, Sorenson Communications[TM], the leading provider of video relay services (VRS) for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, provided more than 200 workshops, awarding thousands of hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters nationwide--both internally and externally featuring nationally- and internationally-known experts.
In the neo-conservative backlash we currently find ourselves in as literacy educators (Taxel, 1999), instructional approaches that include children's literature in the elementary reading curriculum, commonly referred to as literature based instruction (Raphael & Au, 1997) or reading workshops (Atwell, 1998), are being challenged by current federal legislation and its support for scientifically-based commercial reading programs (e.
14 "Value-Add" Workshops of 150-minute duration that offer complementary training to the main program
Emphasis: Ensembles, chamber music, improvisation, jazz, private lessons, technique, theory, workshops, dance, theater, opera, visual arts, healing arts and creative writing.
Emphasis: Chamber music, sight reading, workshops, master classes and concerts.
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