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a day on which work is done

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Ideally working time should exceed the time required for mixing, filling the tray, injecting the material on the prepared tooth/teeth, and seating the tray in the mouth.
The ECJ was therefore asked to decide whether the time spent travelling to and from the first and last customer was working time or resting time under the Working Time Directive (implemented into UK law by the Working Time Regulations).
Donald MacKinnon, director of legal services at Law At Work, said the ruling could affect a "surprisingly wide number of businesses", which could face being in breach of the UK Working Time Regulations and having to restructure staff working practices.
The European Court of Justice reviewed the legislation on working time which, in the UK, is the Working Time Regulations 1998.
The European Working Time Directive provides employees with a number of rights including limits on the number of hours they can work, and entitlements to rest breaks, breaks between working days and holiday entitlement.
The ECJ disagreed and found that the technicians were "at the disposal" of Tyco during travelling time and thus it was working time.
If the time counts as working time it |counts as time employees should be paid for.
Nonetheless, a series of problems are left unresolved, and these have led to several judgements from the EU Court of Justice, such as the on-call time in certain sectors, the possibility of providing more flexibility in some sectors when calculating weekly working times, and derogations from the 48-hour limit (the opt-out' clause).
FORMER Welsh Secretary Ron Davies has been accused by Labour opponents of breaching the European Working Time Directive because he has two "jobs".
The main components of the agreement include a reduced working time of 80% and compensation of 90%, respectively 90% working time at 95% compensation.
For the top managers, the forecasting and co-ordination are the most important (have the greatest weight of the working time and the organization and control functions have a little weight).
THE EUROPEAN Commission is considering a crackdown on hauliers who claim to be 'self-employed' and so are exempt from the European Union (EU) working time directive, but who are de facto employed by a transport company.
At a 10:1 ratio, Plexus MA 1020 has a working time of 4-6 min and achieves 75% of ultimate strength in 15-20 min.
The move follows a European Court ruling two years ago declaring that "inactive, on-call" working time - doctors on duty but sleeping in hospitals for instance - had to count as working time.
It increases the complexity and cost of the payroll administration unnecessarily, and is further gold-plating of the preferable Working Time Regulation approach to holiday pay.