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a day on which work is done

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the amount of time that a worker must work for an agreed daily wage

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According to the working day adjusted series, primary production is estimated to have shrunk by 4% on the year.
The agency (each school team) is notified of approval or rejection within a standard interval of two working days.
GL02: implementation of ICS exams at 15-20 organizers AMM for fiscal 2015 amounting to a total of 6 working days
Despite the halts caused by the strike of harbour workers, output in the forest industry adjusted for working days grew in March by 8.
Repair street lights and dusk-to-dawn lights within three working days: If the light is not repaired within three working days after notification is received, PSE&G will credit the customer of record's account the amount equal to one-month's charge for the light.
Secondary production declined by 1% and services remained in line with a year earlier, adjusted for working days.
The Vlasselaar - expand a home for adults - Lot 03 - central heating - execution time: 60 working days- Lot 04 - plumbing - execution time: 60 working days- Lot 05 - ventilation - completion time: 50 working days- Lot 06 - electricity - execution time: 60 working days- Lot 07 - Elevator - execution time: 60 working days.
Secondary production contracted by 9% and services by 4%, adjusted for working days.
Secondary production contracted by 15% and services by 4%, adjusted for working days.
Repayment deadlines will be gradually reduced from the current 20 working days to 7 working days in 2024.
Secondary production contracted by 19% and services by 7%, adjusted for working days.
0 DN 8 - 50 approx 1000 m - Laboratory sewage intermediate pumping station 1 pc - WWB memory load group 100 kW 2 pcs execution time: With the execution is to begin within 12 working days of receipt of the request by the client (A* 5 paragraph 2 sentence 2 VOB / B) and the call will likely be up to the 15/09/2013 zugehen.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-16 May 2003-Some 151,000 working days lost due to labour disputes in Norway in 2002(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
In a position paper, the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) said any further reduction in the number of working days through additional leaves would have a critical impact not only on business productivity, but also on their cost of doing business.
The DFA said current passport application fees would also apply: P1,200 for 'express' processing of 10 working days and P950 for 'normal' processing of 20 working days.