English cocker spaniel

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a small breed with wavy silky hair

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What happened was this: I'd just finished writing Robertson's Guide to Field Sports in Scotland and thought I ought to dedicate to it to someone or something, when in trotted Crumpet, our five-yearold working cocker spaniel.
Buddy's handler, PC Marc Porter, 29, of Cwmbran, said the working cocker spaniel even sniffed out PS500,000 in cash hidden around a house in Bristol last year.
Jessica Perry says: "This is our working Cocker spaniel Phoebe, who is 11 months old.
Well, I have and I am also the owner of a working cocker spaniel, working Labrador and working collie.
Two of Andie Hawkes' dogs -a black lurcher and a brown pedigree working cocker spaniel -vanished close to her home in Lowsonford, near Lapworth, on Sunday at about 2.
HOLLIE She is an 18-month-old working cocker spaniel Where does she live?
The pair, who train their dogs Spice - a working cocker spaniel - and working sheepdog Lucy, at a farm in Caerphilly, will be travelling to Holland next month to take on the best dogs from across Europe, the USA, South Africa and Japan.