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the act of laying off an employee or a work force

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The work furlough would allow him to attend school during the day and spend the night in jail.
Read-Rite Corporation today updated its guidance for the third fiscal quarter ending June 29, 2003 and announced an extension of the employee work furlough program for its Fremont operations.
Faoa has applied for a work furlough program so he could attend school during the offseason and spend nights in jail, but the program - which was in limbo during the state budget impasse - has not filed its report, according to court clerk Clarence Ramey.
Assistant Public Defender Duane Dammeyer said eliminating 16 vacant positions in the probation department means closing down a wing in the work furlough program, losing 40 to 55 beds.
by approximately 85 people and institute a work furlough program at its offshore manufacturing location.
Eaton, concerned that Vargas will be challenged by inmates determined to prove how tough they are, will seek one of two alternative sentences: work furlough, in which he'd report every night to a holding facility, or electronic monitoring.
As part of the plea agreement, Faoa will be able to apply for a work furlough, meaning he would be released from county jail during the day but return at night.
Gonzales, 43, was ordered to enter the county work furlough program - part of the county jail system - where he will be required to get a job by Aug.
Deputy Public Defender William Rutan, who represents Varela, said he hoped his client will be allowed to begin earning money in the county's work furlough program to pay restitution if he receives a jail sentence.
Officials said that James escaped from a CYA work furlough program in July 1997.
Police were searching for Luis Rojas, 23, who allegedly escaped from a Department of Corrections work furlough program with Brian James Rogers, 23, at about 8:30 a.