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a romantic English poet whose work was inspired by the Lake District where he spent most of his life (1770-1850)


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Anticipating the Association's eventual decision not to commission a fifth edition, Kroeber registered his fear that Wordsworthians were about to "lose track of our most useful lines of inquiry" and experience a "suicide-through-plenitude" (256).
Many of the developments within each of these stages, such as the early notion of Wordsworth as an "egotistical" poet, or Victorian idealizations of the poet as sage and physician, or New Historicism's version of the poet-advocate of a "Romantic Ideology," will prove familiar to Wordsworthians.
But in order to help his predecessor achieve his rightful status as one of the greatest poets of the "last two or three centuries" Arnold must save Wordsworth from the Wordsworthians, who admire him indiscriminately.
And the poets of today, living in an age of prose that gives no sign of ever ending, all Wordsworthians whether they like it or not, all practitioners of the plain style, for what else can a modern poet write in?
The achievement in both fields is remarkable, and deserves the applause of Wordsworthians.