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rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing

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For instance, because word-processing programs generally treat text in a linear fashion as rows of characters, moving a particular column of text is very difficult.
One of the first full-featured Ajax applications, AjaxWord offers the look, feel and functionality of leading word-processing applications in a completely Web-based AJAX environment.
As MSFT was announcing the payout, NOVL was announcing a new suit against MSFT over its WordPerfect word-processing program.
Designed by IBM, the system has some 700 windows to navigate in order to combine database and word-processing functions.
Designed for usability and performance, Corel's WordPerfect Office tools feature powerful word-processing and spreadsheet applications, outstanding compatibility, and the latest performance innovations.
When you run PageMill, you are given a work area similar to one of today's graphically oriented word-processing programs.
ActiveDocs eliminates the daunting word-processing tasks associated with creating business documents.
In the past, FrameMaker offered powerful word-processing functionality for long documents, and FrameMaker +SGML included a full set of tools for structured authoring of valid SGML applications.