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Larsen employs word painting in "Bucking Bronco," setting the word "jump" to a leap of a major seventh, and the word "high" on a high note.
All benefited from Hampson's superb word painting and his big, burnished sound.
In his later work Feesten (1902; "Celebrations"), he appears more objective, describing scenes from lower-middle-class life; and in his autobiographical Jaapje (1917), Jaap (1923), and Jacob (1930), he shows his genius for impressionistic word painting.
Part of the musical significance of the madrigal comes from the fact that the modes of " word painting " in music invented by the madrigal composers were retained, with appropriate transformations, in much later music.
Pankratova made the biggest individual impact through the beauty and astonishing volume of her voice, her keen sense of line, her detailed word painting and her complete commitment as an actress.
But true to Bochner's constant questioning of medium, the show's other new work, Blah, Blab, Blab, 2010, is a densely layered word painting that, reading as it is titled, perhaps provides the wittiest view onto well-rehearsed issues of medium specificity today as it trails off into a field of abstraction.
Alive to the smallest detail of the composer's word painting, he and Padmore gave an absorbing performance, the final song building to a breathtakingly powerful emotional climax.
The varied moods and vivid word painting of Edward Watson's song cycle Middleham poems explored the inner world of the muchmaligned Richard III in strong music that echoed the great English song composers without imitating them.
She is especially careful to point out instances of word painting that otherwise might not be discerned.
While Kemp had much to say about word painting, revealing how Tippett's settings of individual words become expressive metaphors in their own right, Gloag rarely ventures to match melodic or textural gesture with the words of the text.
Although Samuel Daniel did not compose songs, his brother John did (often setting Samuel's poetry), and his songs have contrapuntally textured lute accompaniments and rely heavily on pictorial word painting for their music-text relation.
Ferguson credits soprano Nancy Argenta with teaching him "musicianship, word painting and Baroque style," while soprano Chantal Lambert of Opera de Montreal's Atelier lyrique nurtured and encouraged him, and always "had faith that I could be a world-class artist even when I lost mine.
I use the word painting because the installation was realized in black acrylic on white walls, but for Zitko, none of this has anything to do with painting, and the work owes still less to gesturalism; he doesn't create brushstrokes, he says, but lines, such as those graphic lines he has rendered on paper.
The orchestra, sensitive to Vivaldi's word painting, produced gently rippling string figurations.
With Fleming, a legato line and an even, creamy sound often take precedence over clarity of diction and word painting, but listen here to the frisson in her voice in "Im Fruhling" in the lines about a lover's enticement and trembling limbs; or to the way in the concluding line of "Im Abendrot" ("Ist dies etwa der Tod?