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  • derivation
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  • development of words
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  • origin of words

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a history of a word

the study of the sources and development of words

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Art students and teachers, history buffs, people interested in word origins, and those wanting to learn more about art will find much to admire in The Brilliant History of Color in Art.
Sure to attract language arts teachers who want students to master word origins, this work will also hold strong appeal for teens who will be attracted by the combination of clever text and exceptional illustrations.
While there are plenty of books on word origins, there are few that cover their subject with as much style and humor as this volume on everyday words that have their origins in the names of real and imaginary places.
While you may find yourself lost within Atwood's maze of topics including (but certainly not limited to) English literature, childhood psychology, wars, and word origins, the author does paint an all-inclusive picture of debt.
LesMu also makes it possible to track and date word origins (see baritono as a vocal category, whose current first attestation dates bark to 1612 in Viadana's Basso Generale per gli Organi; or mezzosoprano, used by Doni in 1640).
But Shipley's Dictionary of Word Origins does not bother with the word horn, sending us directly to the word bugle, where we learn that a bugle (Old French, from the Latin buculus and diminutive of bos, bovis, or ox) originally referred to a buffalo, and that the English word buff (think also beef or in French boeuf made superficial work of its subject by identifying the ox by its hide rather than its horns.
Scholars of word origins have assumed that the German noun Boxer is in its turn borrowed from English boxer, "a man who fights with his fists," but its exact origin is somewhat mysterious.
Shipley, Dictionary of Word Origins (New York: The Philosophical Library, 1945).
These strategies should include phonetic and visual strategies, an understanding of morphemes and an understanding of etymology, or word origins.
In addition to baseball, his interest included word origins, opera, country music, gardening and bridge.
These 'user friendly' lists about people, dates, mathematical formulas, word origins, etc.
Definitions give parts of speech, though no information on word origins, and sometimes include sentences to illustrate usage.
said he began working on the site "after I looked one day for a free dictionary of word origins online and found that there was none.
As I run a popular Web site and send out umpteen thousand copies of a newsletter by email each week (and get about a thousand replies), I have come to expect the occasional incoming message that puts forward an odd ideas about word origins.
Dictionaries and the like can be dry reading though, so my favorite books of this sort were the ones of word origins, twisted usage, and mistakes--like those books by the Funks which would tell of bizarre origins of words which have come down to us in modern English much altered from other cultures or in fact opposite of their original or intended meanings.