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a print made from a woodcut


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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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At the close of the first volume, Tattersfield makes it abundantly clear that Bewick raised the standard and quality of woodcuts to such heights that wood engravers finally had a high standard to emulate.
Maher Abdein, an Egyptian wood engraver, draws intricate designs into aeAbanoseAE wood and ivory.
Of Dorsetshire yeoman stock, Barnes educated himself to such purpose that he became acquainted with some sixty languages, in addition to being a capable wood engraver, archaeologist, musician, and mathematician.
Bewick Way - will take the name from English wood engraver and ornithologist Thomas Bewick, who revolutionised wood engraving and restored its popularity in the late 1700s and early 1800s.
While Annesley was an accomplished wood engraver and artist, one senses that she never achieved her full potential.
His biography of Edward Whymper, whose first ascent this was, inevitably centres on that expedition, but isn't confined to it: from his renown as a wood engraver (he illustrated Farrar's Life of Christ) to his later career in publishing, Whymper's years are covered in full, and it's a life so crammed with incident that a head-on train crash he was in warrants a mere two lines.
Perhaps best known these days for his statue of Prospero and Ariel on the BBC''s Broadcasting House in London and for designing the lettering font that bears his name, Gill was a master stone carver and wood engraver.
It's one of the pieces in an exhibition at the Ikon Gallery devoted entirely to British wood engraver, artist and naturalist Thomas Bewick.
Following exhibitions devoted to the late 19th century German artist Max Klinger and master of the Japanese woodcut, Hiroshige, in the last few years, it has now turned its attention to the late 18th century Northumbrian wood engraver, Thomas Bewick (1753- 1828).
The "Vernal Pool" print is one highlight of wood engraver Abigail Rorer's engravings, etchings and fine press books on display in the "Works of Nature" exhibition at the Heritage Gallery in the Whitin Mill at Alternatives Inc.
The design is based on the work of wood engraver Edwina Ellis who won a competition judged by the Royal Mint Advisory Committee.
This was the birthplace of the virtuoso wood engraver Thomas Bewick (1753-1828), though Bewick himself spent most of his life in nearby Newcastle, and had his workshop hard by St Nicholas's church, today the city's cathedral.
Joseph Crawhall ran the family ropemaking business and was also an illustrator, wood engraver and humourist and the books are filled with stories, poems and pictures.
The table menus were in the same design as the official Coronation invitation for the then four-year-old Charles - toy soldiers by illustrator and wood engraver Joan Hassall.