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a native or resident of Michigan


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musteline mammal of northern Eurasia

stocky shaggy-coated North American carnivorous mammal

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Consequently, a reindeer-grazing community will benefit from having both wolverine and lynx in the same area, if the total number of reindeer kills per predator individual is reduced due to scavenging from wolverines on lynx-killed reindeer.
They passed this time, that's the whole difference,'' said Wolverines coach Jess Quiroz, who had his team spend Monday's practice analyzing passing statistics from the section final as well as skip intrasquad scrimmages in favor of passing drills.
Several milestones still must be met in order to complete the production and fielding of the remaining Wolverines.
Even if the agency wanted to list wolverines, Congress had placed a moratorium on new ESA listings in 1995 and 1996.
He said the Wolverines used the 28-14 loss to eventual national champion USC last Jan.
I title, if the Wolverines were to reach the final and get by top-seeded Corona Del Mar, would be the capstone on a perfect season.
Absolutely not,'' Navarre recalled after a recent Wolverines practice in Orange County, where Michigan was preparing for its date with USC in Thursday's Rose Bowl.
Crosby was a junior with the Wolverines the last time Harvard-Westlake (18-1, 7-0) lost a league game.
But the Wolverines figured they would have to work their way back up the rankings after graduating five of six starting field players from last year's team.
The Wolverines pounded 15 hits, including home runs by Josh Satin and Brennan Boesch, against a team that hadn't allowed more than four runs a game in the postseason.
Everything that went wrong earlier, and there was enough of that to keep the Wolverines of Studio City thinking ``what if'' for the whole offseason, was too much to overcome in a last-gasp, fourth-quarter spurt.
The more the Wolverines had to do it, the worse they handled it.
TORRANCE- The margin for error was ultra slim for the Harvard-Westlake of Studio City girls' volleyball team Tuesday night, and one five-minute stretch cost the Wolverines dearly.
The opposition opened with six consecutive points and easily went on to become the first team to take a game from the Wolverines during this year's Southern Section playoffs.