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minute rootless aquatic herbs having globular fronds floating on or near the water surface and bearing one flower per frond

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The smallest flowers in the world can be found on the aquatic plants of the Wolffia Genus.
4 (6) 17 AQUATIC LAYER Lenma minor 57 (100) 39 (100) 100 Wolffia sp.
The water maintained in the laboratory for all the three taxa, namely Lemna, Spirodela, and Wolffia suffered a tenfold loss in total organic carbon while nitrogen concentration remained constant.
tenuissimus 4 7 M H C E Saururus cernuus 4 9 M EH C D Spirodela polyrrhiza 5 7 M H C E Utricularia gibba 4 10 M EH C E Utricularia macrorhiza 5 9 M EH C D Wolffia brasiliensis 6 7 M H C D Wolffia columbiana 5 7 M H C E Zannichellia palustris 6 10 M EH D E Eleocharis palustris 8 10 H EH D E Sparganium emersum 8 10 H EH D D Vallisneria americana 7 7 H H E E Ceratophyllum echinatum 10 10 EH EH E E Myriophyllum verticillatum 10 10 EH EH E E Potamogeton amplifolius 10 10 EH EH Table 2.
The rootless duckweed Wolffia globosa showed substantial
Maxwell 3136 Wolffia brasiliensis Lemnaceae Crawford W.