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United States writer who has written extensively on American culture (born in 1931)

United States writer best known for his autobiographical novels (1900-1938)

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The agency's presence in Bangalore, the country's technology hub, and their work in technology, finance and corporate complements the Cohn & Wolfe India team's extensive lifestyle and consumer experience.
Wolfe is a 10-year plus veteran of the Edmonton Police Service.
The Four Lost Men: The Previously Unpublished Long Version, by Thomas Wolfe, ed.
Dubberley was founded in 1992 with the opening of an office in Wednesbury and in 1996 expanded with the acquisition of Bond Wolfe Residential Estate Agents and Bond Wolfe Residential Lettings.
Wolfe, with a social work background, and her friends had just watched Portland's "Project Homeless Connect," a one-day event to help homeless people.
Projects assigned for the current session include reducing the time it takes to have a prescription refilled at the base pharmacy, improving the mobility process in the 552nd Air Control Wing, reducing the process time for the Air Force Materiel Command purchase request form, and developing a more efficient way to ensure the 76th MXW is paid properly for work performed when repairing engine parts that exceed technical orders limits, Wolfe said.
Wolfe, who passed away in July 2005, was a legend in bike racing in Southern California.
Ger Wolfe, inset, is a rising star on the Irish music scene and this concert in The Cobblestone is a great chance to catch this brilliant songwriter in an intimate setting.
A few, including some younger writers, said that Wolfe had held up a mirror to higher education and captured its essence.
The dean of Canadian development analysts is David Wolfe from the U of T.
That is the question Alan Wolfe asks in Return to Greatness: How America Lost Its Sense of Purpose and What It Needs to Do to Recover It.
Wolfe, airing February 12 on HBO--is the heroic character of Nanny, owner of an old-time "colored" boardinghouse in Lackawanna, N.
The bench, sitting in Mold, warned Paul David Wolfe he could face custody for his actions.
Wolfe makes copies of books--not as writing (like Borges's Pierre Menard, who composes his own Don Quixote) but as thing.
So the British sent a large contingent of soldiers under the command of General James Wolfe to take it.