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United States writer who has written extensively on American culture (born in 1931)

United States writer best known for his autobiographical novels (1900-1938)

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Wolfe and Nader began getting letters and phone calls.
Wolfe resigned from New York University and after taking his fifth trip to Europe, on a Guggenheim Fellowship, spent the following three years in a Brooklyn apartment writing a novel of epic proportions entitled "October Fair.
Wolfe can provide that connection that is not only customized to their needs but will save on the bottom line.
My father has been dead nearly sixty years; Wolfe almost eighty years.
For a bunch of young, healthy, able-bodied football players like Wolfe, the trip to the hospital was a harsh lesson in humility and thankfulness.
It is efforts to attract these "unchurched"--or, more accurately, the religio-phobic--that have been behind the broad transformation of American religion Wolfe describes.
No, it's time for us lesbians to follow in the trailblazing tradition of Elsie De Wolfe.
Oxyrrhis is the Tyrannosaurus rex of marine protozoa," says Wolfe.
Ultimately, the service will showcase the entire Wolfe library of more than 100 gay and lesbian features and documentaries.
Shortly after arriving in Berlin in August 1936, Wolfe was interviewed for the Berliner Tageblatt.
In this instance, Public Works officials communicated through aides working with county supervisors for their need to keep $60 million in nonessential projects on track, Wolfe said.
I think it is a far better history than Montcalm and Wolfe, Parkman's supposed classic, which I find nastily anti-Catholic and mindlessly pro-American.
The second time around, Wolfe has tackled Macbeth, with not one but two movie stars--Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett--and more leather than a Harley-Davidson convention.
The orientation and placement of these gene pairs suggests that they did not result from the copying of individual genes but from the duplication of an entire genome, say Wolfe and Shields.
After 25 years, Wolfe is still acquiring, promoting and cultivating the next generation of gay and lesbian filmmakers and films from all over the globe.