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English writer known for his humorous novels and stories (1881-1975)

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Wodehouse mingled in a rarefied social circle where the elite lost more sleep over finding a decent foot-servant than the gathering storm clouds of war.
It also includes a jeroboam of champagne and the 52 Wodehouse novels, which will be presented to McCall Smith at the Hay Festival in Wales on 26 May 2015.
Wodehouse Collection , which contains the full novel Right Ho, Jeeves , as well as many short stories.
For those who love farce or Wodehouse, it is well worth a visit.
He said: "I am now and I think I will always read Wodehouse from now on.
DIED PG Wodehouse, author, 1975 REEVA Steenkamp, model, 2013, above CAPTAIN James Cook, navigator, 1779
Some of his attempts at humour fail, and it is impossible to expect Faulks, who has an eye for detail, to be as rib- tickling funny as PG Wodehouse.
AN ANONYMOUS man donated a rare P G Wodehouse book to a Birmingham charity shop, unaware it was worth PS1,000.
Wodehouse saw Jeeves play cricket only once, but the author considered his name and onfield manner ideal in a different, non-sporting context as Bertie Wooster's suave butler.
Wodehouse had no idea of the fury that exploded in England, with calls that he be put on trial for treason.
London, June 4 ( ANI ): 'Jeeves and Wooster,' which were created by PG Wodehouse almost a hundred years ago, are now set to grace the theatre at West End.
I am indebted to my brother who introduced me to Wodehouse when he brought along a Jeeves omnibus for us to read aloud as we drove from Victoria, BC to Toronto (the passenger did the reading--just to be clear).
Wodehouse in Exile (BBC Four, 9pm), starring Tim Pigott-Smith as Wodehouse, attempts to put the record straight by looking at events of 1941.
BEST DRAMA Wodehouse in Exile (BBC Four, tomorrow, 9pm) | He's the man who gave us Jeeves and Wooster and the Blandings stories - surely writers don't get more English than PG Wodehouse?