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English writer known for his humorous novels and stories (1881-1975)

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Created by former teacher Anthony Buckeridge, the Jennings books were a bit like Wodehouse for under-16s, full of the colour and strangeness of a privileged world, elegantly plotted and packed with humour.
PG Wodehouse, the author of the Jeeves and Wooster series of books, lived at the house between 1927 and 1934 while at the height of his creative powers.
The shortlist of six authors for the Wodehouse prize for comic fiction 2015 was reported by news company The Guardian on Tuesday.
Wodehouse is not only a perennially popular author: as well as a readers' writer, he is also a writers' writer.
For those who love farce or Wodehouse, it is well worth a visit.
It is classic Wodehouse, with favourite characters including Gussie Fink-Nottle, Madeline Bassett, Sir Watkin Bassett, Dahlia Travers, Roderick Spode and Constable Oates making an appearance.
NOT that many people write letters any more but few can have had as an avuncular style when it came to posting them as our greatest comic novelist PG Wodehouse.
18 -- The cover of Sebastian Faulks's Jeeves and the Wedding Bells proclaims this return of the inimitable Jeeves-Wooster duo - a book commissioned by the Wodehouse estate - as "homage to PG Wodehouse".
Wodehouse marvels at his good health in letter after letter ("Quite the jolly old sylph these days, and getting sylphier all the time") and only nearing age 80 does he begin to question his personal elasticity: "I note a certain stiffness of the limbs which causes me, when rising from my chair, to remind the beholder, if a man who has travelled in Equatorial Africa, of a hippopotamus heaving itself up from the mud of a riverbank.
Wodehouse saw Jeeves play cricket only once, but the author considered his name and onfield manner ideal in a different, non-sporting context as Bertie Wooster's suave butler.
Wodehouse had no idea of the fury that exploded in England, with calls that he be put on trial for treason.
London, June 4 ( ANI ): 'Jeeves and Wooster,' which were created by PG Wodehouse almost a hundred years ago, are now set to grace the theatre at West End.
I am indebted to my brother who introduced me to Wodehouse when he brought along a Jeeves omnibus for us to read aloud as we drove from Victoria, BC to Toronto (the passenger did the reading--just to be clear).