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chief god


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The Wodan Animal Hero Award was created in 2001 to recognize the courageous and heroic acts of Pennsylvania animals in the preservation and protection of animal or human life.
Sykes named the Daughters Tara, Helena, Xenia, Ursula, Katrine, Jasmine and Velda, while the clan fathers are Oisin, Sigurd, Seth, Wodan, Reis, Gilgamesh and Eshu.
Silver-Ganter Wodan, Brauerei Ganter, Freiburg, Germany
13, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Friday, August 16, Harrisburg City K-9 Officer Zeke, who was shot in the line of duty, will be awarded the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association's (PVMA) Wodan Animal Hero Award during its annual Hall of Fame dinner.
The collection features 10 different varieties: broad bean Imperial Green Longpod, French bean Safari, runner bean White Lady, beetroot Wodan, cabbage Tundra, carrot Kingston, lettuce Lobjoits Green Cos, spring onion Ishikura, radish French Breakfast and tomato Sungold.