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(physiology) metabolic equilibrium actively maintained by several complex biological mechanisms that operate via the autonomic nervous system to offset disrupting changes

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Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has spent much of his professional life bringing the medical world's attention to the wisdom of the body and the healing that can happen when we get in touch with our senses and our mind.
In addition to sifting data via the intellect, the head, we also need to engage the wisdom of the body and of the heart (sometimes called emotional intelligence).
This edition of the well-known text on the connection between mythology and storytelling contains a revised chapter on the Star Wars series, new illustrations and diagrams, and new chapters (presented in the appendices) on life force operating in stories, the mechanism of polarity in storytelling, the wisdom of the body, catharsis, and other concepts.
Here, Soto shows us more than simple nostalgia for a lost home; instead, she reveals how memories of the past, anomie in the present, and the quest for a safe harbor in the future all come together in the wisdom of the body.
NDs support the inherent healing wisdom of the body to promote, maintain or restore normal function.