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an edge tool used in cutting wire

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Just a heads up, you're going to need your soldering iron, wire cutters, wire strippers, needle nosed pliers and a computer installed with Arduino IDE and Teensyduino.
They used wire cutters to hack through an outer fence, then broke in to the garage to steal items including a generator and gardening power tools.
Malloy and Central Connecticut State University President Jack Miller instead used a pair of wire cutters to snip a large power supply cord during a recent "power cutting" ceremony to recognize installation of the 1.
The wrong way to remove the blade pin is to use channel lock pliers or diagonal wire cutters to extract the cotter pin.
Summary: BEIRUT: Investigations at Rafik Hariri Airport International found wire cutters and two filterless cigarettes next to the hat of a man who had apparently tried Saturday to hitch a ride on the Saudi-owned Nas Air jet, a well-informed security source told The Daily Star Wednesday.
Open them up and you'll find pliers with wire cutters.
Since the armature of the figure was made from chicken wire, students had to bring wire cutters and work with gloves to protect their hands.
It is thought that the thief used wire cutters to make a hole in the bird's cage.
For emergencies, Holmatro also manufacture rod and wire cutters that can be operated by hand, hydraulics or battery powered pumps.
One came back a short while later and two African nationals with wire cutters and other types of tools began cutting wires.
BASED around a pair of pliers, all tools lock open on this classic piece of outdoor kit, which has straight and serrated knives, wire cutters, files, a saw, scissors, 3 screwdrivers and a ruler.
015, 2 crimp beads, a pair of earring wires, chainnose pliers, crimping pliers, and diagonal wire cutters.
It took $100,000 to lease office space and purchase tools and equipment such as conduit cutting and threading machines, conduit benders, wire cutters, wire pullers, and portable generators.
The X-Tract has spring-loaded needle-nose pliers, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, wire cutters, can/bottle opener and a full-size Buck blade, which opens and closes with one hand.
Wilson, Snoeberger, Mayor Mark Begich, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Chair Mary Ann Pease and President of Wish Upon The North Star Ron Rice then cut through the cables with several pair of large wire cutters.