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an edge tool used in cutting wire

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A 29-year-old unemployed Pakistani man and two accomplices allegedly used wire cutters to make a large hole in the farm's fence then dragged the animal through to their getaway vehicle.
Gather your tools: a board for the base, a wire clothes hanger, a wire cutter, needle nose pliers, a screwdriver, and several screws.
They used wire cutters to hack through an outer fence, then broke in to the garage to steal items including a generator and gardening power tools.
Malloy and Central Connecticut State University President Jack Miller instead used a pair of wire cutters to snip a large power supply cord during a recent "power cutting" ceremony to recognize installation of the 1.
The wrong way to remove the blade pin is to use channel lock pliers or diagonal wire cutters to extract the cotter pin.
We used to call housekeeping stat to the emergency department--"and bring wire cutters," Dr.
After they've taken shape, I use wire cutters to cut the limbs to the right length.
Scissors Hot glue gun Florist wire and wire cutters Vase
Standard wire cutters can be used to both crimp sleeve and cut excess wire.
Open them up and you'll find pliers with wire cutters.
Since the armature of the figure was made from chicken wire, students had to bring wire cutters and work with gloves to protect their hands.
It is thought that the thief used wire cutters to make a hole in the bird's cage.
He uses wire cutters to trim off the bottom end of the wires to within about 1 foot of the ground, following the contour of the land.
For emergencies, Holmatro also manufacture rod and wire cutters that can be operated by hand, hydraulics or battery powered pumps.
Just as it settled into an idle, a pair of wire cutters fell from behind the panel, bumped off the student's shin and thumped to the floor.