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Early Cretaceous tetrads, zonasulculate pollen, and Winteraceae.
Other families had a tropical and temperate distribution in the Southern Hemisphere, such as the Myrtaceae, Winteraceae, and Proteaceae.
Magnoliales: Annonaceae, Cannelaceae, Magnoliaceae, Winteraceae.
It belongs to a family of tropical plants, Winteraceae, that today is common on Pacific islands and can also be found in Central and South America.
P Winteraceae Drimvs brasiliensis Miers P Em que: P = especies encontradas dentro das parcelas; F = especies nao amostradas nas parcelas, encontradas somente nos caminhamentos.
Familias ausentes en la Amazonia (45): Achatocarpaceae, Adoxaceae, Aizoaceae, Alzateaceae, Apodanthaceae, Bataceae, Berberidaceae, Betulaceae, Brassicaceae, Brunelliaceae, Buxaceae, Calceolariaceae, Ceratophyllaceae, Clethraceae, Columelliaceae, Coriariaceae, Cornaceae, Cunoniaceae, Cytinaceae, Dipentodontaceae, Elatinaceae, Escalloniaceae, Fagaceae, Grossulariaceae, Gunneraceae, Haloragaceae, Hamamelidaceae, Hypoxidaceae, Juglandaceae, Juncaceae, Juncaginaceae, Krameriaceae, Menyanthaceae, Metteniusaceae, Mitrastemonaceae, Myricaceae, Nelumbonaceae, Papaveraceae, Phrymaceae, Phyllonomaceae, Potamogetonaceae, Tofieldiaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Typhaceae y Winteraceae.
2002), Ceratophyllaceae (Endress, 2001b, 2004), some Winteraceae (Igersheim & Endress, 1997), Piperaceae (Tucker, 1984; Tucker et al.
Dicotyledon families Magnoliaceae to Winteraceae, xiv, 609 pp.
Among the plants with archaic origins are the Winteraceae, which show the most primitive reproductive and vegetative structures of any angiosperm, indicating their proximity to their primitive, and extinct, ancestors.
1993) for Winteraceae, but a result in contrast to those findings of Baldwin (1992, 1993) for Compositae.
This is also true in Bubbia, a genus of the vesselless Winteraceae (Carlquist, 1983).
se encuentran: Flacourtiaceae, Winteraceae y Arecaceae; y con un sola especie: Casearia mariquitensis, Drymis granadensis y Geonoma 1 (Figura 3).
Hardly a relict: freezing and the evolution of vesselless wood in Winteraceae.
Kobuski Winteraceae Drimys brasiliensis 0 0,0 100 4,5 Miers indeterminada (1) 0 0,0 0 0,0 Total 1429 100 2222 100 Familia Nome cientifico MI MA DA DR DA DR Anacardiaceae Lithraea brasiliensis 0 0,0 0 0,0 Marchand (1) Schinus 0 0,0 9 0,5 terebinthifolius Raddi Annonaceae Guatteria australis 0 0,0 15 0,8 A.