Barbarea vulgaris

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noxious cress with yellow flowers

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Winter Rocket is still learning the ropes, but there is plenty of scope and, if coming forward as most pups do, it may be only a matter of time before she is giving her rivals a start and a beating.
15 430m The British 430 Dash 1 Fire To Burn (Gaskin,Wstow) 2 Try Again Jim (Thompson,Ctfrd) 3 El Gallo (m) (Mullins,Wstow) 4 Spring Rumour (m) (Barnes) 5 Gundy (w) (Young,Rding) 6 Winter Rocket (w) (Miller,RyeHse)
10pm: Evens Reactabond Gold, 2 Public Areesh, 4 Bankers Jake, 6 Quick Stop, 10 Ballygalda Mike, 25 Winter Rocket.
Also well drawn on the outside is Winter Rocket in the sprint and Cheryl Miller's pacey dog can make light of this drop in distance and class.
09pm 11-10 Leaders Highway, 5-2 Im Frankie, 4 Reactabond Flyer, 8 Winter Rocket, 12 Issue Six, 20 Waveney Prince.