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the framework that supports a window

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Or lay the window frame on top using bricks or bags of sand to weight it down.
Suzi's partner, although thinking she was "a bit bonkers" arriving home with vintage window frames, assisted with the construction of the shelf at the bottom of each unit, and securing the window mirrors on to the wall.
One of the most popular are UPVC window frames, due to their low cost, energy-efficiency and ease of maintenance.
Window frames made by members of the Wood Window Alliance (www.
It offers a great range of window frames made in uPVC, Timber, Aluminium with thermal insulation and combinations of Aluminium and Timber as well as uPVC and Aluminium.
These include floorboards, kitchen and bathroom units, window frames and doors, roof trusses and wall partitions.
abic Innovative Plastics has announced that its new ultra-tough, flame-retardant (FR) Lexan F6000 polycarbonate (PC) sheet has been chosen by Plexx AS, a leading Norwegian plastics converter, to thermoform passenger train window frames.
Last year, 71 window frames along with their glass panes fell off buildings compared to 44 in 2008, the government's Housing Development Board and the Building and Construction Authority said in a statement Friday.
PVC window frames can be compared to the wood window frames, if the data for wood frames has also been assessed and analysed, however this tool focuses solely on PVC.
Inserts fit inside the old window frames, but installing them is only an option if the frame is in good shape, without rot, and square.
TWO Bahraini men have been arrested, while a third is still on the run, for stealing window frames from a building in Manama.
Subjected to stress, existing glass often breaks into lethal shards that may be ejected from window frames, endangering facility occupants.
The performance of both depends on the relationship of each to the building's existing window frames.
NYC are cabinets and shelving, appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators, plumbing and lighting fixtures, trim, tile, doors and window frames, carpeting.