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an envelope with a transparent panel that reveals the address on the enclosure

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If we had kept to their requirements, we would have been unable to fit the cards inside window envelopes, with the consequence that many thousands of pounds extra would have to have been spent on labels, larger envelopes and extra postage.
So copy on a window envelope shouldn't say, "I yam what I yam and dat's all I yam.
I keep being told that I could be fined pounds 2,500 for chucking a window envelope on the fire, under some European Union directive about the disposal of plastics.
Tenders are invited for E- Tender For One Year Only For Supply Of Software Based Pre Printed Mobile Bill Forms And Window Envelopes In Lucknow Ssa
EzCheckprinting software offers customers more bang for their buck with backup and restore feature, check customization for window envelopes, and many other money saving options for customers.
Rather than a tale of two cities, this is a tale of two DM packages from the same city, Boston, both arriving in the mail on the same day, both in white 9 X 12-inch window envelopes, and both soliciting subscriptions to health newsletters.
Plus, RISO's high-speed inkjet printers utilize a heatless printing process that allows the system to accommodate window envelopes, and alleviates the stress of flaps adhering during printing or problems with pressure sensitive envelope stocks.
Tenders are invited for For Supply Of Window Envelopes For Dispatch Of Telephone/Mobile/Cdma Bills, In Nashik Ssa Of Bsnl Eligibility Criteria : The bidders shall submit necessary documentary proof showing that they meet the eligibility criteria as applicable or whichever is required as per terms and conditions stipulated in tender document along with their tender bid.
com's mailing and window envelopes can also be personalized to feature company logos at no extra cost.
The company also uses soy inks in its printing, manufactures biodegradable and compostable window envelopes, and has a full line of recycled and post-consumer waste content products.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Window Envelopes for despatch of Telephone/Mobile/CDMA Bills in Nashik SSA of BSNL
Both arrived in #10 ivory window envelopes, the one from Business Week headlined,
This solution increased productivity and reduced costs by eliminating the need for window envelopes and printing duplex to add the individual's address.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Software Based Pre Printed Mobile Bill Forms And Window Envelopes In Lucknow Ssa
All are mailed in #7 3/4 window envelopes and, interestingly, even at this point in the series all are still mailed standard rate-even at the "at expire" date.